Designed Specifically for
Campers & RVs

The Rack Saver is cheaper and fits better than similar products.
Protect your investment for LESS!


Designed for
Campers and RVs


Cheap and Easy


Long Lasting
Premium Material

Stop the corrosion before it starts!

Friction between your LP tank and tank Rack can destroy the protective paint or powder coated finish and allow rust to start forming.


This rust can destroy your tank rack and even transfer to the surrounding major components such as your frame,brake controls, wiring and 12volt power supply!! 

Without Rack Saver With Rack Saver

Quick & Easy Installtion

Protect your investment in minutes!

Gear up for the season!

Designed specifically for Camper and RV tank racks.


Similar products are not designed with campers in mind. The Rack Saver has a minimal profile, while providing maximum protection to your investment.


The Rack Saver is only A FRACTION OF THE COST of other LP Tank protection products!