How it all started!


We've seen it all...

LP Tank Rack Saver is a product owned, manufactured and packaged by Skidz, Inc.. Located in Winston Salem, North Carolina, Skidz, Inc. is a company with over 40 years of camping experience and 30 years of commercial vehicle,equipment, campers and RV repair and maintenance experience. All of us here at Skidz have seen almost every possible aspect of mechanical failure. We know that with anything that spends it's life up and down the open road, in and out of every possible climate imaginable that rust and corrosion is one of the most common reasons for the start of that failure.

Being avid campers ourselves and trained to spot these potential problems quickly is how the  "LP Tank Rack Saver" was born! 

We have found that the metal to metal contact between your LP tank and your camper or RV's LP tank rack surface grinds away the paint or powder coated finish leaving the bare metal surface open to the elements allowing the rust and corrosion to begin.

Everyone that owns a camper or RV knows that this area of your investment has many very important components in close proximity of the LP tank rack that are the life's blood of each and every one.

• Hitch & Frame
• 12 volt Battery Supply
• Brake Control
• Tongue/Leveling Jacks
• LP Gas Connections

All are at risk of failure if you don't prevent or stop the rust or corrosion now.


We've proven our product works and you will see it for yourself!

Please feel free to go to our Comments page if you have any questions or concerns and we will reply to you as promptly as possible. Thank You for your interest in the LP Tank Rack Saver and from all of use here at Skidz,stay safe, Happy Camping and please stay on top of your maintenance!!

Cory Skidmore

- LP Tank Rack Saver